ADFS and other partners

Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons

In collaboration with the Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons (ADFS) there will be two workshops and two symposia organized during ISDF2019 focussed on Preventive and curative surgery, Amputation, Surgery Biomechanic secondary prevention and Surgical management of infection.

The ADFS is an international not-for-profit organisation for surgeons working with the diabetic foot syndrome. Our work is to support cooperation and best practice in research, education and clinical interventions between foot surgeons working with or having an interest in the diabetic foot.

The aim of ADFS is to create a professional forum that will attract different groups of specialists which throughout the world are doing surgery on the diabetic foot. ADFS is a membership based organisation with board members who have an extensive network of leading experts on the aspects of surgery on the diabetic foot.

The overall purpose of ADFS is to create a forum for strengthening the position of surgery on diabetic foot care. We want to enhance awarness of the surgeons role in a multidisciplinary care organisation and develop the quality and knowlegde about diabetic foot surgery gloablly.

ADFS Executive Board

  • President, Prof Luca Dalla Paola  Italy
  • Immediate Past President, Armin Koller – Germany
  • Scientific Officer, Thomas Zgonis – USA
  • Secretary, Klaus Kirketerp-Moeller – Denmark
  • Treasurer, Alberto Piaggesi – Italy
  • Board Member, Dane K. Wukich – USA
  • Board Member, Robert G. Frykberg – USA
  • Board member, Arun B. Bal – India
  • Board member, Venu Kavarthapu – UK


The International Federation of Podiatrists is an international not-for-profit association since 1947 focused on global leadership and the development of podiatric medicine around the world. Working together collaboratively with leaders of the podiatry profession, the Federation enhances the podiatric profession through the sharing of knowledge, practice and research among 26 member associations.